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Montessori Tablet

Montessori Tablet

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Product Details

Recommended Age: 3+ years old
Material: Non-toxic ABS plastic
Size: 10-inch screen

Unleash your child's inner artist!

Our Montessori Tablet provides children with a dynamic canvas for writing and drawing, fostering imagination and purposeful creation.

Featuring LCD technology and a vibrant 10-inch color screen, this tablet offers a safe and comfortable platform for artistic exploration.

With a replaceable battery (included in the order) and eco-conscious design, it's the ideal choice for environmentally conscious families.

Easy to use, it allows for lines of varying thicknesses and erases content with the touch of a button. Available in blue or pink, it's the perfect gift for any occasion!

Inspire creativity!

  • Foster Creativity: Empower kids to unleash their imagination through intentional writing and drawing activities on the innovative LCD Tablet.
  • Easy to Use: Writing and drawing on our LCD tablet mimics the experience of pen and paper, allowing for lines of varying thicknesses based on pressure. Content and patterns can be effortlessly erased with the touch of a button, promoting hassle-free creativity.
  • Ideal for Travel: Compact and portable design makes it perfect for keeping kids entertained on the go, whether on road trips, flights, or during downtime at hotels.

Truly support the children's educational journey! has provided us with tools that perfectly align with Montessori principles. The materials are great, well-designed, and truly support the children's educational journey. The 24/7 support and free returns are just icing on the cake!

Joshua K. / Montessori Educator


Worth Every Penny!

The Montessori toys from this site are worth every penny. Not only do they keep my daughter engaged, but they also promote her development in areas like math and language without screen time. The free shipping and member discounts are fantastic bonuses too!

Emily R. / Homeschooling Parent


I've seen remarkable progress in their spelling and reading skills!

Introducing the Montessori Mastery Alphabet Set to our classroom has transformed our literacy sessions. The children engage with the letters more intuitively, and I've seen remarkable progress in their spelling and reading skills within just a few weeks. Highly recommend for any educational setting!

Samantha L. / Verified Buyer


The perfect toys for our children!

We bought several Montessori toys from Montessoritoys, and each one has been a hit with our kids. The design and quality are outstanding, and it's amazing to watch our 4-year-old navigate problems and learn independently. The customer service team was also very helpful in recommending the perfect toys for our children's ages.

Michael D. / Parent

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