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La Tour Rose Montessori

La Tour Rose Montessori

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Product Details

Recommended Age: 1+ years old (supervision may be required when playing with the smaller blocks)
Material: Durable wood, non-toxic paint
Contains: (10) different blocks

Teach your little one about size and order!

Elevate learning with our La Tour Rose Montessori, a classic material designed to build skills in size differentiation and order.

Consisting of ten progressively larger pink blocks, children can stack and arrange them, fostering an understanding of mathematical concepts and enhancing motor skills.

Help your little one grow fast...

  • Mathematical Concepts: Promote an understanding of mathematical concepts as children explore the relationship between size and order through hands-on play.
  • Motor Skills Enhancement: Enhance motor skills as children manipulate and stack the blocks, refining coordination and dexterity with each movement.
  • Cognitive Development: Develop cognitive abilities through engaging activities that challenge children to think critically and problem-solve as they arrange the blocks in the correct order.

Truly support the children's educational journey! has provided us with tools that perfectly align with Montessori principles. The materials are great, well-designed, and truly support the children's educational journey. The 24/7 support and free returns are just icing on the cake!

Joshua K. / Montessori Educator


Worth Every Penny!

The Montessori toys from this site are worth every penny. Not only do they keep my daughter engaged, but they also promote her development in areas like math and language without screen time. The free shipping and member discounts are fantastic bonuses too!

Emily R. / Homeschooling Parent


I've seen remarkable progress in their spelling and reading skills!

Introducing the Montessori Mastery Alphabet Set to our classroom has transformed our literacy sessions. The children engage with the letters more intuitively, and I've seen remarkable progress in their spelling and reading skills within just a few weeks. Highly recommend for any educational setting!

Samantha L. / Verified Buyer


The perfect toys for our children!

We bought several Montessori toys from Montessoritoys, and each one has been a hit with our kids. The design and quality are outstanding, and it's amazing to watch our 4-year-old navigate problems and learn independently. The customer service team was also very helpful in recommending the perfect toys for our children's ages.

Michael D. / Parent

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