Montessori Toys for Toddlers (2-4 yrs)

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In the Montessori philosophy, what children do is called “work.” Their work may look like play, but what children do when they work is explore the world, learn important skills and develop the qualities of a happy and compassionate human being.

Some of the toys below resemble easily recognizable toys like blocks, puzzles and games. Others are art supplies children can use to engage their creativity. And you might even notice some child-size tools that resemble adult tools like brooms, mops and such.

Since Montessori dissolves the distinction between work and play, Montessori toys always serve important functions on top of helping the child have fun.

These are just some of my favorite toys for kids aged 2 to 4 years. Hope you like them!

  • KID O Narrow to Wide Puzzle

    KID O Narrow to Wide Puzzle

    This simple puzzle will help your child to learn skills like problem solving, eye hand coordination and spatial relationships. This puzzle features various pieces which slowly increase in width and change in hue. This puzzle is high quality and is a great choice for children over 3 years in age.
  • Melissa & Doug Bead Sequencing Set

    Melissa & Doug Bead Sequencing Set

    Your child will love choosing the correct beads to match up with the pattern shown on their sequencing cards. This fun bead set will teach reasoning skills as your child sorts through the many beads provided in this set. This great set includes 10 different patterns each with increasing levels of difficulty to ensure that your child always has a challenge.
  • Montessori Sorting Box

    Montessori Sorting Box

    This Montessori sorting box will teach your child about shapes, colors, numbers and more. Children will love how many different games and activities this box allows and you will love how much it encourages your child to learn.
  • KID O Matching Shades Puzzle

    KID O Matching Shades Puzzle

    Help your child to learn to recognize subtle differences in colors and shades with this fun 12 piece puzzle. This puzzle will definitely be a challenge and will help your child to develop their reasoning skills and coordination. This puzzle will likely become an instant favorite of your children.
  • 3D Feel & Find

    3D Feel & Find

    This wonderful toy features a durable cotton bag stuffed with objects that will help your child work on their counting, matching and sorting skills. This toy is great for solo play, learning time with a parent or playing in groups. Overall it is a great choice for any child ages 3 and up.
  • Melissa & Doug Pattern Blocks and Boards

    Melissa & Doug Pattern Blocks and Boards

    This toy set includes more than 100 pattern blocks, 10 beautiful and fun patterns and a convenient wooden case. Your child will love putting together the patterns shown as they learn about shapes and colors. This toy will provide hours of educational fun for you and your child.
  • Haba Ball Track Roll n Roll n Roll

    Haba Ball Track Roll n Roll n Roll

    This ball rolling track is well constructed and made of high quality beech wood. It makes a great addition to any playroom and is the perfect toy for children 3 and up. As your child watches the colorful balls roll down the track they will learn about cause and effect in a fun and enjoyable manner.
  • Melissa & Doug Lace and Trace Farm

    Melissa & Doug Lace and Trace Farm

    If you want to help foster coordination and fine motor skills in your child, these lacing cards might be just what you are looking for. These feature a variety of fun farm animals and come in a durable storage case. Your child will enjoy learning to slide the colorful laces through these beautiful and high quality lacing boards.
  • Tumble Down Counting Pegs

    Tumble Down Counting Pegs

    Your child will find this toy absolutely delightful. They place the pegs into the slots and count as they place them in. Once they are in place your child turns the knob and watches the pegs as they tumble down. This is a fun way to get your child to practice their counting skills.
  • Melissa & Doug Upper and Lower Case Alphabet

    Melissa & Doug Upper and Lower Case Alphabet

    Learning the alphabet is fun with this set of upper and lower case letters from Melissa & Doug. Your child will love seeing the pictures under the letters and will able to start identifying which letters go together. This is a great teaching tool that will bring fun and enjoyment into teaching your child.
  • Melissa & Doug Wooden Shape Sorting Clock

    Melissa & Doug Wooden Shape Sorting Clock

    This colorful clock is a teaching tool and a puzzle in one. You can use it to teach your children to tell time, to identify shapes and numbers. It is constructed from colorful pieces and any child will delight in an opportunity to enjoy this clever toy.
  • Little Lock Box

    Little Lock Box

    What child doesn’t love opening secret compartments? This lock box is perfect for helping little fingers to develop strength and dexterity with its variety of locking and latching compartments. Your children will love spending hours discovering each compartment, especially if you place little surprises inside for them to find.
  • Melissa & Doug Geometric Stacker

    Melissa & Doug Geometric Stacker

    This geometric stacker is beautiful and fun at the same time. It comes complete with 25 colorful pieces that your child can use to create beautiful towers. Your child will spend hours playing with this great toy that builds coordination, problem solving skills and shape recognition.
  • Melissa & Doug Deluxe Pound and Roll Tower

    Melissa & Doug Deluxe Pound and Roll Tower

    This toy is both unique and fun. Your child will enjoy using the wooden hammer to pound balls through the opening in the top of the toy. Then they will roll downward while your child listens in delight. This toy is a great value because of its quality craftsmanship and sturdy wood construction.
  • Turn, Look & Listen Music Box

    Turn, Look & Listen Music Box

    This little music box is an absolute delight. Your child will love it. It is durable and built to last. When your child turns the handle they will hear a beautiful little tune and be able to watch the little character on top bob up and down.
  • Plan Toys Cone Sorting

    Plan Toys Cone Sorting

    This cone stacking toy will provide hours of fun and enjoyment for your child as they learn about size and shape and develop logic skills. This set comes with 9 colorful pieces and hours of educational fun.
  • Watercolor Paints

    Watercolor Paints

    Foster the creativity in your child with this watercolor paint set. The set includes 6 high quality watercolor paints in beautiful colors. These bottles contain lots of paint, so you should have plenty for years of fun.
  • Screw Block

    Screw Block

    This fun toy is a great choice for children 2 and up. It helps with the development of eye hand coordination. Little fingers will love learning to screw the large colorful screws into the block base.
  • Amazing Tracker Ball Maze

    Amazing Tracker Ball Maze

    This colorful and fun ball maze will delight children ages 2 and up for hours. As they watch the ball travel back and forth on the path they will learn to develop logical reasoning. This also helps with the development of coordination as tiny fingers grasp the colorful balls. This is a great toy that any child will love.
  • Stockmar Stick Crayons

    Stockmar Stick Crayons

    These large chunky crayons are perfect for little fingers. They are created from high quality beeswax and will impart beautiful color to any page. This is a great way to help your child take their steps into the world of art and creativity.
  • Memory Circles

    Memory Circles

    Help your child to develop memory as you hide small objects beneath these colorful circles. This toy is long lasting and will provide endless fun for you and your child. The base of the toy spins which makes this toy great for beginners and those that need a little more challenge as well.
  • Size and Shape Wagon of Blocks

    Size and Shape Wagon of Blocks

    This set of 15 hardwood blocks is perfect for stacking and playing. The included wagon will help your child recognize shapes and sizes. They will develop coordination and logic skills as they work to replace their blocks into the cute wagon. This toy is a hit with both parents and children.
  • Shaper Sorter with Mirror

    Shape Sorter with Mirror

    Young children love watching themselves and this fun toy gives them the perfect opportunity. They can easily watch as they match various shapes with coordinating holes. This high quality piece will provide hours of enjoyment for your child.
  • Hardwood Shape Sorting Cube

    Hardwood Shape Sorting Cube

    This large hardwood sorting cube will quickly become a favorite plaything for your child. This cube has 4 different sorting combinations, each with an increasing level of difficulty. Once the shapes go into the cube they can easily be removed using the large openings on the side.
  • Motor Letters - Uppercase

    Motor Letters – Uppercase

    Help your child learn the basic movements involved in creating each of the uppercase letters in the alphabet. This educational toy is both fun and learning centered. On many of the letters your child can even practice tracing the letters by placing a paper underneath and the following the pattern with a pencil.
  • Math Skills Number Puzzle

    Math Skills Number Puzzle

    This fun toy is a great choice for children 4 and up as they work on developing their math skills. It features removable numbers that can be used to create simple math problems, a chalkboard for tracing, counting beads and more. Everything is high quality and will last through countless hours of play.
  • Classification Discovery Game

    Classification Discovery Game

    This high quality toy is perfect for helping your children learn to classify objects into categories like food, toys or animals. This toy features a 5 compartment sorting box, 10 classification tiles and more than 100 objects to sort. Endless hours of fun and learning await.
  • KID O Grouping Objects Fruit Puzzle

    KID O Grouping Objects Fruit Puzzle

    This puzzle is long lasting and durable. The pieces are large enough for small hands to hold and this is a great basic puzzle. Plus the design is adorable.
  • Stack and Nest Cups

    Stack and Nest Cups

    These colorful cups are perfect for stacking or nesting. They are also a great addition to the bathtub or the sandbox. Pick up a set of these fun cups today for an affordable and fun toy for your children.
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