Montessori Toys for Preschoolers (5 yrs and up)

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Montessori Toys for Preschoolers (5 yrs and up)

As children grow up from toddlers to preschoolers and beyond, their Montessori toys steadily grow in complexity.

Below you’ll find some great books, mathematics toys, puzzles and supplies in line with the Montessori educational philosophy.

While I love the simplicity of early Montessori toys, I love how much fun kids have “working” with toys like those I’ve listed below.

Take a look, and please let me know if you have some favorites that I didn’t mention below!

  • Montessori Spindle Box with 45 Spindles

    Montessori Spindle Box with 45 Spindles

    If you are looking for a high quality Montessori spindle set, this one is for you. This set features a box with 9 compartments as well as 45 high quality spindles.
  • Tactile Sandpaper Numerals

    Tactile Sandpaper Numerals

    Learning comes alive when children are able to rely on multiple senses. These tactile numbers engage the senses of both sight and touch as children learn their numbers.
  • Montessori Cylinder Blocks

    Montessori Cylinder Blocks

    This cylinder block set which features 4 blocks and various sized cylinders will prepare your child for a variety of different activities. It can help to develop math skills, writing skills and even visual skills. This is a great toy with unlimited learning potential.
  • Montessori Hundred Board

    Montessori Hundred Board

    Counting skills are fun and easy to master with this hundred board. This set comes with 100 numbered chips that can easily be placed in numerical order on the board. This is great for introducing early math skills.
  • Montessori Style Educational & Developmental Toys by Melissa & Doug

    Montessori Style Educational & Developmental Toys by Melissa & Doug

    This Montessori bundle contains everything you need to get started with Montessori style learning at home. It features 7 great items perfect for a wide variety of different ages from 2 on up. This is a great value if you are looking for high quality Montessori toys for your children.
  • Montessori Stamp Game with Papers

    Montessori Stamp Game with Papers

    This Montessori stamp game is high quality and ready to use. It features a set of 50 sheets with 15 different problem grids. You will also find counters and everything you need for a fun and educational stamp game.
  • Montessori Division Bead Board

    Montessori Division Bead Board

    This board is a fun and interactive way for your child to start practicing their division skills. It features 81 green beads and 9 skittles. This allows your child to work on their division tables in a fun and interactive manner.
  • Montessori Small Numerical Rods

    Montessori Small Numerical Rods

    These number rods will help your child to realize the value behind numbers. These rods are beautiful and are created in colorful red and blue. Each rod is graduated and slowly increases in size from 2.5 cm to 25 cm. A set of wooden number tiles is also included in this high quality set.
  • Montessori Trinomial Cube

    Montessori Trinomial Cube

    This toy will be a fun challenge for your child. There are 27 wooden cubes in a box with a lid. The challenge is being able to reassemble the trinomial using the pieces and the provided pattern. This is a great toy for eager learners.
  • Montessori USA Puzzle with Control Map

    Montessori USA Puzzle with Control Map

    Learning geography has never been so fun. This map features pieces for each of the 50 states with the knobs located on the capital. It also includes a marked and an unmarked control map for easy reference during assembly.
  • KID O Memory Match 36

    KID O Memory Match 36

    This fun matching game is both enjoyable and durable. It features a 2 sided card for more playing possibilities and a variety of animal tracks for matching. It is perfect for trips in the car or a quiet morning at home.
  • Montessori Lower Case Sandpaper Letters with Box

    Montessori Lower Case Sandpaper Letters with Box

    This fun letters set helps your child to learn the lower case letters using both sight and touch. When they are done the letters all fit nicely into a high quality wooden box. You will be delighted by the quality of this set.
  • Montessori Lower Case Cursive Sandpaper Letters with Box

    Montessori Lower Case Cursive Sandpaper Letters with Box

    This set of wooden sandpaper letters is a great choice for helping your child to learn basic shapes of the lower case cursive letters. It is a high quality set with a great storage box for when it is not in use.
  • Melissa and Doug Building Blocks

    Melissa and Doug Building Blocks

    This classic set of wooden blocks never gets old. There are so many ways for children to play, learn and explore with these!
  • Montessori Bank Game

    Montessori Bank Game

    This bank game is fun for one child with a little help from an adult or for multiple children. It is great for working on math skills such as multiplication, addition and more. Your children will find endless hours of fun with this fun bank game complete with name tags.
  • Place Setting Placemat

    Place Setting Placemat

    Learning how to set a table properly is fun and easy with this placemat that can serve as a constant reference. It is a great way to start teaching your child essential household skills that they will need throughout life.
  • Montessori D Nealian Movable Alphabets with Box

    Montessori D Nealian Movable Alphabets with Box

    This wooden box contains 5 each of the D Nealian letters if they are consonants and 10 each of the vowels. Vowels and consonants are painted different colors for easy recognition.
  • Quart Pouring Pitcher

    Quart Pouring Pitcher

    Children can easily practice pouring and measuring with this lidded pouring jar with measurements. It is high quality and dishwasher safe.
  • Montessori Addition Strip Board

    Montessori Addition Strip Board

    Help your child to easily understand addition with this adding strip board. This is a great way to practice adding numbers and being able to actually see items increase as you add. This helps children to learn as they see a visual representation of what they are doing.
  • Fraction Circle, Red

    Fraction Circle, Red

    The basics of fractions can be learned in a fun and interactive environment with these fraction boards. Your child will be able to easily see what the whole, half and parts of a circle are using this high quality learning aid.
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