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Magic Science Kit for Wizards Only

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The Kit

Science is a complex subject. There is so much we know about the world around us, yet there is so much we do not understand at all. Everyone in my family is passionate about science, including my son Vicky. At six, he is at an interesting age. The insatiable curiosity is often accompanied by innumerable questions about everything around him. Vicky’s understanding and comprehension have improved as well. I can attempt to explain relatively complicated concepts to him. I just love this age. I have always enjoyed teaching my son. I like to give him an opportunity to explore things that are not part of his first grade curriculum. I appreciate the Montessori system of education, and am constantly on the lookout for toys and kits that allow him to learn new concepts at his own pace. I notice a significant improvement in his grasping and retention when I let him touch, feel and hold things with his own hands. I also love to shop with Vicky. He is old enough to express his opinions, although I’d like to believe that I am the final decision maker. We were browsing through the Amazon website, when we saw the Magic Science Kit for Wizards Only. My son was very attracted to it. I showed him other pages but he kept saying, “Go back to that one!” I went back to learn more about the kit. I guess the word “magic” intrigued him. The activities appeared interesting as well. The day it arrived my son was very excited to see it. In fact, I have rarely seen him that interested in opening a new toy. I asked him what he was expecting inside. He read some stuff on on the box and said, “I want to do experiments with test tubes, like the scientist on TV.”. That reminded me of a Chemistry program on the Science Channel. We had seen it together. Vicky seemed very influenced by it.

Science test tubesMixing Citric Acid and Baking Soda

The kit came with two magician hats and a wand. I asked him to put them on and turn into a wizard but he wasn’t very interested in them. “I just want the test tubes,” he insisted. I took the test tubes out and placed them on the stand. The first three experiments in the booklet were about acids and bases. Vicky had never heard those terms. I explained to him about the sour taste and corrosive nature of acids. We also talked about bitter and slimy bases. We went on to mix the chemicals and observe the reactions in the test tubes.

Red Cabbage Juice Indicator

I explained to Vicky about chemical reactions and how they impacted our lives. I tried to keep it simple. He was at least listening to it. The red cabbage color indicator helped him see the reactions more clearly. He wanted to try and add everything by himself. All the chemicals were safe, so I let him do it. “I love this kit!” he said.

The Fizz

Although the acid and base experiments were cool and interesting to look at, I felt the concepts were a little complicated for his age. I do not think he is ready to learn about acidity and alkalinity at this point. The kit, however, uses simple kitchen salts. I’m planning to repeat the experiments again next year to help him learn better.

The Density Experiment

Density science  experiment The second set of experiments dealt with density. These were relatively easy to follow. Vicky was already aware that some things float, while others do not. These projects helped him reiterate these basic principles and reinforce the concepts. He enjoyed looking at crystals and oil droplets in the test tube. “These are cool!” he said. He says that for everything he likes.

On the whole, the Magic Science was a good addition to our collection. My son learned some important concepts. He got an opportunity to explore things the way scientists do. I also like the fact that I can use it for a long time. The test tubes are reusable. The chemicals are provided in sufficient quantities. You can even get them from your kitchen. You just need the instruction guide for the method. As I have said before, I’ll definitely get this kit out again next year for more learning and fun! You can get the Magic Science For Wizards Only kit from The prices have come down in recent months. It is definitely a fun way of exploring the world around us.


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