Best Educational Toys for Toddlers

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Best Educational Toys for Toddlers

Buying gifts for any toddler can be complicated, especially with so many options available on the market. In order to get your child, niece, nephew, or any other cute little kid in your life, a gift that will keep on giving, aim to buy something that is both fun and educational. Any of these 7 best educational toys for toddlers will brighten both their day and overall intelligence.

1. Cash Register for Kids


Your child can become the master of their own store, operating this Learning Resources Pretend and Play Calculator Cash Register. The fun sounds, buttons, and money pieces are sure to keep your child entertained for hours, all the way getting them familiar with using numbers, money, and their creative imagination.








2. Pretend and Play Doctor Set



Inspire your child to do great things in life by allowing them the chance to play doctor with all of the real tools! By allowing them the chance to role play as a doctor , going to the real doctor will be a lot less scary! Your child will better understand what a doctor does and just how important this position is, plus it will open up the discussion for colleges, it takes a lot of education to earn the title Doctor!



3. Knight in Shinning Amor Costume


Kids love to dress up! Yet, having them gear up in historical costume, such as a Knight in shinning armor, will promote curiosity towards history, sparking a desire to learn more about the humans that lived before us. Having the chance to role play also broadens the imagination, something public education institutions have long been cutting out of the curriculum in order to save money for things like math and science. Give your kid the leg-up school might fail to provide with this interactive costume.








4. Little Tikes Super Chef Kitchen

This Little Tikes kitchen is truly made for the master toddler chef, it’s not bright pink and girly like many others, therefore if you know a young boy who wants a kitchen of their own, this one will work great! For girls, they can add their own little pink accessories to this all-inclusive kitchen, or just leave it be! Teaching kids responsibility in the house starts with them role-playing—just think, someday they will have a kitchen of their own, give them a toy that helps prepare them for what is ahead.



5. Solar System Puzzle

Space is so fascinating that with proper exposure, kids can’t help but be curious by the wonders of the black and starry atmosphere surrounding us. Help engage their interest and expand their understanding of space with this Melissa & Doug solar system puzzle. Not only do puzzles help with eye-hand coordination, this puzzle in particular will teach them a thing or two about the planets in outer space.








6. Binoculars for Kids



Allow your child the chance to see far and away with these Fisher Price Binoculars. Kid-Friendly, they can handle the everyday tumble, while still working great to help your child grow a curiosity for the things they can not see with the naked eye alone. There a million games kids will invent while playing with these binoculars, from pretending to be a spy to going on a nature hunt, the fun will be never ending. No matter what they play, these kid-proof binoculars will broaden a child’s understanding of the world , indoors and outdoors.



7. Gas Pump by Little Tikes

If the child you are gifting has a car of their own, like many kids do—say the Barbie Jeep for example—this friendly gas pump will help them understand what fuels a real car.  For under $30, this toy will add fun, excitement, and learning to the toys they already have.






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