Montessori Baby Toys

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Montessori Baby Toys

Above all, baby toys need to be safe and non-toxic. The great thing about Montessori toys is that they are predominantly made out of natural materials.

Wood, fabric and string are safe and enjoyable for babies to use. And the simplicity of Montessori baby toys gives them a simple elegance that I really love.

These are some of my favorites:

  • Floating Ducks Bath Toy

    Floating Ducks Bath Toy

    Even bath time can be a learning experience with these cute floating ducks. The baby duck can be nested into the back of the mother duck. They float in the water and rock on dry ground. This is a wonderful bath toy for any child 3 months and older.
  • Natural Disk Rattle by Maple Landmark

    Natural Disk Rattle by Maple Landmark

    With this natural rattle you wonít have to worry about your child getting harmful chemicals into their precious little mouth. It is made entirely of hardwood and is put together by hand using glue. Your child will love playing with this fun rattle and watching the discs move and spin.
  • Kid-O Animal Homes Wooden Book

    Kid-O Animal Homes Wooden Book

    This high quality wooden book is perfect for reading to your infant or young toddler. Your children will love looking at the beautiful silk screened images on the 4 wooden pages as they learn about various animals and where they live.
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