Activity Review: Water Pouring [Video]

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Water pouring is a classic Montessori exercise where children explore the properties of water in an interactive way.

In this exercise, my children took household containers of various sizes and shapes, filled them with colored water and learned about how water takes the shape of the container into which it gets poured. You can add an additional challenge to this exercise if you introduce measuring cups, and ask your children to pour designated amounts of water into the containers.

This exercise helps children understand some of the properties and behavior of water, and the repetitive pouring helps to improve their motor skills.

Water Pouring Supplies

Food Coloring for Water Pouring ActivityAteco 1112 12-Color Food Coloring Kit
This kit comes with 12 distinct colors to use to color the water in the water pouring exercise, in order to highlight the shape that the water takes when poured in each container.

Set of Glasses for Water PouringMikasa Brewmaster’s Varietal Glasses, Set of 4
This set comes with four glasses in different shapes that is useful for observing and comparing the form that the water takes depending on the container that holds it.


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