Activity Review: Mighty Mind [Video]

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Mighty Mind is an award-winning toy that engages children by challenging them to recreate outlined patterns by combining and arranging a variety of shapes.

This toy is designed for a wide age range of children and is a great Montessori activity to pull out on a rainy afternoon indoors or as a game to play with friends, with young children as well as older kids. My nine-year-old and six-year-old are playing with it together in this video and they work well together to solve some of the puzzles. But off camera, I tried some of them myself and even I was stumped on a few of them!

Mighty Mind

Mighty MindThis activity helps children use their creative problem solving skills, heightens their analytical abilities and it helps to build their confidence as each puzzle gets progressively harder. Want to try it for yourself? Click here to view it on Amazon


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