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Montessori Matt

Hi, I’m Montessori Matt. If you’re like me, you probably care a lot about giving your kids every advantage in life…

And you may have heard about the benefits of the Montessori Method, like the study published in Science that found kids educated using Montessori techniques performed better academically, were better adjusted socially, and showed more concern for fairness and justice. Sounds great, right?

Except very few public schools follow the Montessori Method, and tuition at private Montessori schools can cost thousands of dollars a year. So I started looking in to alternatives, and what I’ve found is that many parents have learned how to use Montessori techniques right at home, replacing shallow play time with fun, engaging, real life Montessori activities that let you support your child’s true development with tasks they actually want to do.

Can “playtime” with Montessori Toys really help you child’s education?

In the old days, setting up the proper environment for Montessori activities at home required many hours of designing and building your own activities. But now a number of educational toy companies have sprung up to meet this need, offering natural, high quality, task-based “toys” and Montessori materials that let your child explore the very same activities that would be doing in a Montessori classroom (but at a cost several thousand dollars less!). There are even books and courses available to help you properly use Montessori toys at home.

I hope that one day more public schools will adopt Montessori techniques so that all children can benefit from Maria Montessori’s amazing educational philosophy. In the meantime, I hope this site will inspire more parents to try Montessori activities with their kids at home, and see for themselves the benefits they can bring. I’ll be sharing reviews of some of the best Montessori toys and Montessori materials, ideas for fun educational activities, and all of the theory and explanation you need to use the Montessori method at home!